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New Year; New Classes!

Like many of you, I'm spending much of today thinking about the challenges and successes of 2021 and wondering what 2022 will hold. One of the things I've been most pleased with this year has been the introduction of group courses. One-on-one tuition is a fantastic experience but it's outside the budget of many families. I've been experimenting with group courses which are more affordable but still hugely beneficial to students. Here's how they work.

Generally speaking classes last an hour and take place on a combination of Zoom and Miro. On the day of the course you'll receive a link to the Zoom meeting room and a link to a Miro board. You'll need to be in both when the class begins.

Students should have their cameras and microphones turned off when they enter the classroom, this to safeguard students and also to ensure that everyone feels comfortable. You may be asked to unmute your microphone to answer questions, but most of the work will be written on the board. If you haven't used Zoom before, do check that you know where the chat button is and how to raise your hand to ask a question.

The Miro board will hold all the resources we will be using. I love Miro - it's a brilliant and intuitive tool that can be used for a huge range of activities. I strongly recommend that students have a play about before the class to make sure they know what all the different tools do. If you register with Miro you can make 3 boards of your own for free.

Whatever the topic, these classes are interactive. This means that you'll be putting your ideas down on the board, receiving and responding to guidance and sharing your work. Remember that this is about learning and improvement - there is no competition with anyone else and no-one else knows who you are anyway!

At the end of the session you will be asked to fill in a feedback form. Once you have done so you will be sent copies of all the resources we have used and the work we have produced. You may also get some helpful additional freebies.

Group courses are a great opportunity for all students to benefit from tuition without having the same level of expense. At present most classes are set at £10 per student. I am considering running cheaper, more generic courses if I have enough interest.

If all this sounds like something that would benefit you, keep an eye on my website and Facebook page or subscribe to ensure that you are kept up to date. I look forward to teaching even more of you in 2022!

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