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A Little Reminder...

It is taking all my restraint to stop myself from ranting about the absolute mess that is the exam season this year: it will not help and we are all aware of the difficulties faced by students and teachers. I am aware of how stressed everyone is: students are fluctuating between boredom with the endless assessments and terror of what may be the end result. Parents who aren't self-medicating with chocolate and gin are better people than me. Teachers are valiantly attempting to teach their classes, support their students AND take on the role of examiners and moderators while also being acutely aware that disappointing results will be squarely blamed on them. A quick note to all teachers out there: WE know you're amazing, even if Gavin doesn't.

I have no idea what the results are going to look like this year and I fully expect another (although differently styled) car crash when they come out. They will either be too high, too low or too inconsistent and we will no doubt spend the summer shouting at each other about whose fault it is.

But while the grown ups are busy pointing fingers, a quick reminder to those students who have battled through two years of disrupted learning: you have not simply survived, you have thrived. You have learned more than just the skills and content of your subjects: you have learned how to cope in unpredictable circumstances. You have learned how to manage your own workload. You have learned how to use a huge array of IT. You have done all this while people around you may have been sick, and you may have been sick too. You have done this while in a bizarre semi-existence of lockdown which seems to never end. You have done this with grace,

determination and resilience while also finding the time to try to save the planet and bring about equality for all.

Class of 2021: while we may not be able to control the outcome of this most chaotic of exam seasons, know this. You will be the generation that generations to come look back at and say "those guys really knew what sacrifice, duty and hard-work meant".

We are so proud of you all.

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