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What is Private Tuition?

In the last couple of years, private tuition has gone mainstream. More and more families are seeing the benefit of personalised, focussed teaching in a safe environment. For some students it can just be a few sessions aimed at a particular area of development; for others a regular boost can make all the difference to confidence and achievement.

Some tutors offer group tuition: this is a great option for homeschoolers or those who just need a general top-up. It is generally cheaper but also, inevitably, less personal. For students who have a specific need, or those who are nervous in groups, one-on-one tuition may be preferable. Some tutors have their own workspace while others will visit your home. Still others offer online tuition which generally involves video-conferencing and document sharing. This option opens up a far greater range of possible tutors and can work particularly well for students with autism or anxiety.

Tutition should always be targeted towards the individual student and should involve feedback throughout the session. Some tutors may set homework but this varies and will depend upon your particular needs. Students should not expect to passively listen throughout the lessons - active engagement is key to getting the most out of the experience. If you are preparing for an exam, most tutors will look at the particular demands of the exam board but hopefully they will also develop the general skills associated with the subject.

Ultimately, tuition is what you make of it. Look for a tutor who asks questions about you and your needs and maintain communication throughout.

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